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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Truly Rich Club Members Testimonials. It Really Works!

You are maybe asking questions of does the Truly Rich Club really work?

Let me start with sharing to you the story of Bro Bo Sanchez's own housemaids and driver who are now investors in the Philippine Stock Market.  And with his guidance and that of the Truly Rich Club, they end up working for Bo as millionaire housemaids and driver in the future.
You can download the e-book of Bo Sanchez entitled “My Maid Invests in the Stock Market” on the side bar of this blog.

Getting back, below are more testimonials of TRC members who are now happy with their financial and spiritual growth. 

Kindly read and be inspired.

I Surpassed My Financial Goal

Dear Bro. Bo,

Thank you very much first of all for the inspiring and motivating messages that you send to my email daily thru GodWhispers. It really makes my day and I always look forward to seeing what God wants me to do for today and applying it in my daily chores, whatever I am doing. It helps me a lot in changing the way I look at life and the people around me.
Thank you for all the stories/issues you tell in the TrulyRichClub. I am so motivated by them. I feel I am so much more blessed this time because I am learning the right way on how to share my blessings and I realized that it's really true that God is ready to give us abundance but it's us who limit ourselves to receive just a part of what He is preparing to give us.

At the start of this month, I told myself that "Lord, I am now ready to receive my 100k income for this month." And you know what, I am having more that that as my income this month, isn't that great?!

Then, last but not the least, I want to thank you for the gift you sent me, your book entitled How To Live A Life of Miracles. I want to send this message on the day I received it, that is 3 days ago but I was not able to make my letter. You know, I am not a good writer and I need time to think what to say, hehe! Anyway, now I have finished reading it and I agree with you. Our existence is a great miracle and we should use it to make this world a heaven on earth by sharing the miracles that we are to our fellowmen.

In Christ always,



This Is A Great Investment

Dear Bo,

I’m so much more blessed that I've come to read your books and am also a member of the TrulyRichClub. Even though I am still a neophyte member, I’m learning along the way. The few pesos that I've invested in your books and membership fees have really come back to me in thousands of pesos and I sincerely believe will be millions more.  Once again, I express my thanks to you and your staff.


Chris Semilla 

I Listen To Your Talks In My Trips

Dear Brother Bo,

I am very blessed by being just a member of this TrulyRichClub. I get inspired by the Godwhispers you send everyday. I also am fired up everytime I hear your talks. I listen to them in my car when I travel to Bukidnon. More power to you and I am on to great wealth so I can give more the blessings I received from our Generous God!

God bless!

Anthony del Fiero
Cagayan de Oro


I Use Your Daily Affirmations To Attract More Wealth

Dear Truly Rich Team,

I have never ever used my credit card online so signing up as a member of the club was the very first time. I just knew in my heart that something good will come out of it, and it did. First, receiving your packages is a breath of fresh air from the letters/bills I usually get. So I'm like a wide-eyed child in wonder whenever I get them. Second, Brother Bo is simply amusing. He delivers the message well with wit and humor. Lastly, which is the best part is that I now have ideas on how to make my daily affirmations in order to attract more wealth into my life. This e-mail is my way of saying thank you to all of you, for being there at the right time when I was searching for someone whom I can trust and relate to in my personal journey of expanding my blessings, to ultimately be a blessing myself to others.

Truly yours,
Edith Gammad

P.S. Than for the free book. I enjoyed it.

I’ll Donate A Million Soon

Hi Bo,

In the past I would have never, ever thought that I'd be the type who would go into business. I was really a product of the poor dad philosophy. Actually I really, really excelled in school, and the only way I knew to how to be "rich" was to work for a big company. I had always thought that I was materially detached, and that it was a good thing. My interest in financial literacy started when Bo wrote about the cashflow quadrant in Kerygma magazine. The fact that it appeared in a religious publication opened up my mind to the possibility of me being a "B" or an "I." I started devouring information about it! I made teensy-weensy steps and first tried my hand at investing in a money market fund. Then I went into more aggressive UITF's, mutual funds, variable life insurance... Now I'm working hard at my business. I’m confident that I will be able to achieve financial independence within a few years, retiring at the age of 31, haha. You're part of my still ongoing metamorphosis. Thank you, Bro. Bo!!!

In Christ,
Armi Santos

P.S. I don't think I would really have need for the millions that I will be earning within a few years. I have already decided to give most of it away. Someday you'll get get a check for 1M pesos from me—probably even more :)

You’re My Mentor

Hi Bro. Bo,

I really love being part of the Truly Rich Club, I really want to grow, earn more to be able to help more. With the Truly Rich Club, I know God is guiding me every step of the way; I could surpass any trials because I know God is always with me.

I salute you Bro. Bo, you are one of my mentors in life. You inspire me a lot.

Thank you, and may God be praised all the time.

Ciara Diaz

I first heard BO Sanchez give the talk "Secrets of the Truly Rich." After only 18 months from that talk, we have already earned Php 2,700,000.00 in net profits from our business. If everything goes well this season, we will make it to Php 7,800,000.00 just in our 2.5 years. How’s that for a start?


You could be the next one there sharing your own testimonial of financial and spiritual growth.

Want to change your mindset from poverty into prosperity? Want to grow financially and at the same spiritually? Want to be financially secured and be able to help more people and loved ones? Join the Truly Rich Club now! And receive lots of Blessings!


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