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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How to Make your 5,000 Pesos Grow to Millions

We all want to get Rich and give a Good life to our Families because we love them and only want the best for them.  

We wake up early in the morning, go to work, give our best in the office, go home and provide for our families and give them the best quality of life.

But working hard is not always enough.  

In order to achieve a prosperous life, we need to cut unnecessary expenses, save and earn some more especially during these difficult times when our kids are growing.  But for most Filipinos, everything ends at saving or far worse, for many Filipinos, everything ends at just spending.  

If you don't save and just spend, you may soon end up broke and poor during your old age when you should be enjoying life instead.

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If you only save, what happens is that you make banks get richer and let our money deplete its value and buying power without really noticing it.

What is needed in life is a shift in what we used to do:

Photo credit: Peso and Sense

Your Savings in the Bank Makes the Bank Richer 

For example, you have 1,000,000 in a bank and with .05% interest per year since 2005, you end up with P1,020,201 net of 20% tax today.

But if you invested your 1 million pesos in a mutual fund like First Metro in 2005, your money will be P4,990,400 today! 

And when you invested in the stock market in 2005 on good companies for sure with the same 1 million pesos, you could have earned many times too.  

See these percentages in earnings from these strong and respectable companies for which you can own:

Photo credit: Investor Luranski

See? If you only place your money in the bank, you actually even lost some value of your money because if every year your interest income from your savings is just 1%, the inflation rate (rate of increase in prices of commodities and services) is about 5-6%, therefore the value of your money in the bank lost 4-5%!  In Filipino language, "nalugi ka pa."

And why do bankers want you to save your money in their banks?  Because they will use it to make more money from others; they will use it to lend money to others who will pay them with higher interest or invest it mutual funds or stocks.  They will use your money and may earn from these investments 10-15% and return to you 1%.  Genius.

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Own the Bank Instead! 

So instead of just putting money in the bank and letting the banks use your money to make themselves richer, why not own the bank itself.

So what I am saying is, don't put all your money in the bank as savings...SAVE and INVEST. Use your savings of 3-6 months of your monthly income for emergency purposes and the rest in your investments.  And you should be starting now.

Sounds crazy?  No, you have read it right.  You can start to be one of the owners of banks like BPI, BDO, PNB, Metrobank or other profitable companies like Ayala Corporation, Jollibee, Meralco, San Miguel, PLDT, Globe Communications, and many more. 

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By being a part-owner of these companies, you will of course share part of the income of the company - earn from dividends and in the price appreciation of the stocks or value of the company.

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You can Start Owning These Companies with Just 5,000 Pesos! 

You don't need to start investing with big amount like 1 million pesos.  You can easily start investing with just 5,000 pesos...

What can 5,000 pesos buy today?  Hmmmm....a regular type of smartphone?  An expensive pair of shoes?  A China-made tablet computer...a weekend getaway?  Of course, all of these will lose their value over time.

Will P5,000 transform to millions automatically?  No.  But having somewhere to start is the key.

See, 5,000 pesos is an amount anyone may have today.  But if you invest it in the stock market and be guided and mentored by joining Bo Sanchez's Truly Rich Club, and just add at least every month of 1,000 pesos to your investment portfolio, for the next 10 to 15 years or so following TRC's Strategic Averaging Method or SAM you can become a millionaire....become a millionaire by deciding to start today and doing investing with discipline, patience and perseverance.

Investing in the Stock Market is not only for the Rich and is not Complicated

You may be saying that investing in the stock market is complicated, risky and only for the rich.  Stop it right there!

Investing in the stock market will be simple and risk is manageable if you will be guided by experts and you get yourself financially educated.  That is why, Bo Sanchez and his team are there to help you out: of what stocks to buy, at what price and when to sell with profit.  He will regularly send newsletters, updates and announcements about investing so that you will know what to do.  

Moreover, and more importantly, he will be teaching and educating you about personal finance...that is financial literacy. 

So with just 5,000 pesos you can already start investing in the stock market.  That is good news.  And with many of us not yet familiar with investing in the Philippine Stock Market, there is nothing to fear because with Truly Rich Club and Bro. Bo Sanchez of Kerygma, you will be guided and educated of what stocks to buy, at what price to buy, and when to sell for a profit.  

Aside from earning from the stock market when you start with Truly Rich Club, you can also earn from commissions when you introduce stock market investing to your friends.  Just share to your friends on Facebook, email and Twitter how they can also start investing, grow their wealth and achieve financial freedom, and viola!  You will earn commissions from the Truly Rich Club.  

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Check these stocks winners that the Truly Rich Club members/investors picked and bought and sold with great income percentages through the guidance of Bo Sanchez:

Join the Truly Rich Club NOW and Start investing

When is the best time to start? NOW! Because the earlier you start, the better.  Don't and never start investing when you are already nearing retirement because you will not be able to make use of the power of making your money/investment grow over time. 

When you start now, you will be able to use the power of compounding interest, which for Albert Einstein, is the eight wonder of the world.

Don't be like those people who will say with regret that, "If I only had done this", "If only I started investing earlier and taking care of my finances, I should have not been suffering now in debt."

Don't be like other people who have big salaries but are deep in debt, like this example:

You have the choice today for you and your loved ones -  a life of wealth or poverty?


The bestfriend of the wealthy and prosperous is TIME.  So if you think that starting to invest in stock market is expensive and will just procrastinate, Derek Bok got this to say to you:

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